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About CorrectTrack Developers

CorrectTrack is designed by management system experts with decades of corrective action experience. The CorrectTrack workflow keeps the process simple so everybody understands their role and can collaborate with others to solve a problem.  CorrectTrack’s features make corrective action processes more reliable, effective and provides great tools for reporting to management.

Correct Tracks Features

Performing good effective corrective action can be challenging especially if:

  • A process or workflow for corrective action is not well defined
  • There is no systematic way to track the corrective action from start to finish

The CorrectTrack collaborative process is based on user permissions.  These permissions ensure that a corrective actions are addressed in stages.  Each problem is reviewed and approved by another team member before the task can advanced to the next stage of completion.  The process is similar a "Stage Gate" or "Toll Gate" process often used by organizations when designing products.

Corrective Action Workflow

The CorrectTrack workflow user permissions ensure that each corrective action is addressed in stages. Before a corrective action task can move to the next stage, a team leader must review and approve changes.

Corrective Action Tracking and Email Notification

Keeping track of the progress of corrective actions can be challenging. In the past, organizations have used paper-based systems or spreadsheets to track progress. The CorrectTrack database makes it easy to know the status of any corrective action. When changes occur to a task, emails are sent to team members keeping them informed.

Queries, Filters and Searches

CorrectTrack queries help sort through all tasks and corrective actions. Lists of tasks can be filtered to create focused results. Search features in CorrectTrack are robust, targeted and powerful.

Dashboards and Reports

Dashboards and reports help get a quick overview of the overall corrective action process. Custom dashboards and reports can be created to help keep leadership informed.

CorrectTrack User Roles

The role that each CorrectTrack user plays is based on the permissions they are granted by an Administrator.  These permissions determine what the user is allowed to view, edit and create.

Team Leaders

Team leaders have administrator permissions. They can edit all fields, assign, reassign and create new tasks. They can also add or deactivate team member users and much more.


Auditors have permission to create new tasks and edit certain task fields as determined by their specific role.

Task Assignees

Task assignee's have limited permission for editing task fields. Their role is to investigate cause and propose a corrective action. Once approved, the assignee implements the corrective action and notifies the auditor or team leader.

Task Categories

CorrectTrack can address many types of tasks that an organization needs to address.  When a task is created and a category is selected the task entry screen is populated with fields that are appropriate for that task. CorrectTrack can also be configured to provide customized data entry fields to fit each organization.


Non-conformance's come in all shapes and sizes. These can be found during internal audits, certification audits, product audits, compliance audits and more. This category of task usually requires some form of cause analysis, correction and corrective action.

Safety Incident

These types of tasks also need to be investigated and corrected to prevent re-occurrence. These tasks are unique as they can have legal implications that require special attention by leadership.

Other Tasks

CorrectTrack can handle almost any kind of task. These may include routine or one-of-a-kind tasks. They can be assigned to anyone and tracked to completion and verification.

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