About Us

Who is behind CorrectTrack?

CorrectTrack was adapted by ECSI to assist our clients in organizing information for environmental and occupational health and safety management systems. The first version of th3 software was initially deployed by Cory Trager  in 1997 under the name BugTracker.  In 2024 CorrectTrack version 2.0 was deployed as complete code rewrite with some additional performance features.

Kevin A. Lehner, EMS-LA

Kevin is the Product and Content Development Manager at CorrectTrack. He has over 25 years experience with Environmental, Quality and Occupational Health and Safety management system training, auditing and consulting. Kevin is a long-term member of the United States Technical Advisory Groups for both ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.  He travels internationally representing the US position at these meetings when the content of these standards are being debated. Kevin also teaches certified ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 lead auditor courses throughout the USA. He also has extensive experience consulting with industries and government in implementing, integrating and operating effective environmental, occupational health and safety and quality management systems.

Kelsey Barton

Kelsey is a freelance software developer and the CorrectTrack Manager of Information Technology and Database Code. Kelsey has extensive experience writing custom line-of-business software for small and medium sized companies. Applications she has written are primarily web-based, but a few have been Windows-based applications whose local databases synchronize with the server when an internet connection is available.

Jennifer Miller

Jennifer  is the CorrectTrack project manager and marketing strategist. She is also an experienced ISO management system auditor performing internal and third party audits. She oversees new client setup and upgrades ensuring that our customers get the CorrectTrack  fit that is right for their organization.

Other Contributors

CorrectTrack also has many other contributors that help us keep the software application up-to-date. These include highly skilled environmental, quality and health and safety management system professionals with extensive practical experience. These additional resources contribute to the application and also help us provide the most up-to-date information on ISO management systems standard development. This valuable information is provided to subscribing users in the resources section of the CorrectTrack app website. Please contact us for a tour of CorrectTrack, its resources and to discuss how we can help make CorrectTracck work for you and your organization.

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